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Hi everyone,

I've noticed using Bitwig lately that most of the VST I would use in the past with no problem started to freeze, crash and slow down more and more often (eg: Kontakt 5). Some new plug-ins, like the Waves Collection, take about 5 whole minutes to even load when I open a project.

Performance issues are huge in both loading and browsing of the VST, and it's not uncommon for the whole software to crash.

I am using Bitwig 1, on a 8Go Ram computer on which I recently had to downgrade my GPU. Plug ins library are stocked on a USB 3.0 external disk (but that was never a problem before).

Where do you think the problem comes from? I should add that CPU and DAC meters both don't show signs of overload.


Essential before starting a DAW: Optimising your PC for Audio...

For me on my Laptop it helps a lot to prevent stuttering, audio crackles and more. Also i'm using Prozess Explorer and must pause (spacebar) or close it to prevent monitor polling.

Has you update something? Windows Updates (with driver)? AV Scanner, etc? Maybe the best solution is to spent some bucks to the Bitwig team for v2. Have a lot performance and bug fixes since v1 ;)


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answered Apr 26 at 06:46 by tyron099 (0)

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