asked Mar 18 '18 at 19:51 by hrrld (102)

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I am curious about the implementation of voice stacking and vst effects.

If I put a VST effect in the fx chain of a device that supports voice stacking, what happens?

(I've experimented a bit, but with inconsistent results)

Is the VST effect instantiated multiple times under the hood (once for each stacked voice)? Then the presented gui would set parameters on all instances separately modulo modulations from stack modulators?

Or is the VST effect instantiated only once for the whole stack? Then stack modulations change the parameters on that single instance in a kind of sad last-in-wins way or something?

Or maybe something else happens entirely?

Voice stacking is SUPER-HYPE by the way, I've done a lot of tedious stacking in silly ways over the years and getting this feature right could be a complete game changer. Thanks.

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