asked Mar 20 '18 at 01:33 by GrayD (41)

My Scenes launch pad function for my Nektar Impact LX25+ is acting weird. Nektar said they found the problem and was contacting Bitwig. Scene function Number 1 pad launches scene 1, Number 2 pad launches secen3 and launch pad 3 launches scene 5. This just started with 2.3.2 anybody else having this problem or know how to fix.

Tim at Nektar emailed and said Bitwig had not gotten back to them on this issue. He said he would get the Nektar Team working on a temporary repair script for the issue until the Two groups this repaired.


answered Mar 21 '18 at 12:44 by GrayD (41)

I have t he exact same problem, only with the Nektar Lx 61+ - glad I'm not the only one!

  — (Mar 25 '18 at 04:29) jamesmcseattle

We have fixed this now and the fix should make it into the 2.3.3 release.


answered Mar 24 '18 at 01:29 by nick (753)

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