asked Mar 24 '18 at 00:23 by heikoharrison (31)


Every time I start composing a drum kit with Drum Machine, I wish I would not have to set the envelope mode to shot for each single sample I drag into a new slot. I think there should be a switch on Drum Machine that let's you toggle the default behavior. That would speed up my workflows tremendously at times!

OMG... this.

This is what I need.


answered Mar 18 '19 at 00:45 by chromatest (31)

Hi @chromatest,

Having the sampler default to one-shot mode when loaded up in the Drum Machine is a good idea. Submit a feature request here:

Meanwhile, you could save a Drum Machine preset full of empty samplers all set to one-shot mode ready to go.


answered Mar 18 '19 at 09:13 by sticklebrick (480)


Actually I take this back, when you drag a sample in, it forces the mode back to ADHSR! That's annoying!

  — (Mar 18 '19 at 09:15) sticklebrick

I've submitted a feature request, I suggest anyone who wants this behaviour, do the same!

  — (Mar 18 '19 at 09:24) sticklebrick

This is annoying, the Default Preset of Sampler only works on new clean instances and not on drag/drop samples on Drum Rack.

We really need a different Sampler Default Preset for Drum Rack.


answered Jun 26 '19 at 19:06 by icaroguerreiro (80)

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