asked Mar 27 '18 at 12:27 by dmc-uk (84)

Howdy Bitwiggers!

I think this qualifies more as a bug report than a question.

I've noticed in the latest release on a Win 10 install that one of my sample folders isn't updating in real time as normal. I often do cleanup in Audition or RX before bringing into Bitwig and I'm finding my saves into a specific folder (a subfolder of the main declared /samples folder I'm using) aren't showing up in the sample browser until I restart Bitwig.

In one instance I've seen it add the second of two new files but not the first, so it's definitely communicating with the folder, but something's going wrong somewhere along the line. It's mildly annoying as issues go, but I figured if it's happening a few times then it's worth letting you guys know for a future update.



same here with my splice folder. it doesnt update. even worse.. it displays only the latest downloaded file. after a restart everything is fine, but its a pain in the ass to restart after every single file.


answered Jun 03 at 12:51 by Chatsakos (11)

i got a fix! Bitwig-Browser-tab > Right Click on "All Music Locations" > Update All Indexes this thread is very old but maybe it helps someone.


answered Jun 03 at 12:56 by Chatsakos (11)

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