asked Mar 28 at 23:31 by ottobonn (11)

Hi all,

I'm a new Bitwig user and I love it so far. I tried the demo with some pretty demanding tracks and never had any hiccups. However, last night I updated to the new version of Bitwig and I'm noticing some severe CPU spikes in the audio engine process that cause it to miss audio buffer deadlines and generally cause the system to be choppy momentarily.

I'm running it on a year-old laptop, with an Intel Core i5-6300HQ @ 2.3 GHz, 16 GB RAM, big SSD, and Linux Mint 18.1 with 4.4.0-57-generic. For the most part, Bitwig's CPU monitor shows low utilization. In my system monitor I can see the main process using about 12% of the CPU, and the audio engine generally using another 12% or so.

The system will play back music flawlessly for some time, perhaps a minute, then suddenly the CPU usage will spike to 100% in the audio engine process. It looks somewhat like a garbage collector running, though I presume the audio engine is based on C++ and explicit memory management. The tracks I am testing contain just a few stock Bitwig instruments, and no other programs are running on my computer at the time.

Any thoughts on what causes the spikes in CPU usage? I didn't use the previous version for more than a few days, so I don't know if this issue is unique to 2.3.2.

Thanks, Travis

Hi Travis, could you please elaborate on the effect this has on the audio ? I’m having an experience where although it does seem to be a cpu loaf issue, that it still happens somewhat randomly when I’m not even changing or adding anything in the project. I would describe the sound like this. At best it is occasional clicks and pops At worst it cause complete digital noise over the audio, constant crackling and digital noise.

Thanks for your time and let’s hope we can find a solution because this shouldn’t be something we have to put up with when using a more hand capable spec computer.

Cheers Shayne


answered Apr 14 at 05:17 by Pspiralife (51)

I would say your description of the effect on the sound is accurate. When the CPU usage spikes, the audio clicks or becomes very garbled. I haven't had this issue on newer projects I've been working on, so it could be something I added to my previous project. I'm keeping an eye out for it happening again.

  — (10 hours ago) ottobonn

My solution to part of my problem was to increase the buffer size. However I’m now sure that the remaining issues I’m having are due to a compatibility issue between my RME soundcard and my late model MacBook Pro


answered 7 hours ago by Pspiralife (51)

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