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Are there any phase-4 presets in Bitwig Studio 2?

I am asking because i do not see any in the browser besides the few i made by myself. I repeatedly uninstalled all packages and reinstalled them, but there are no presets for the new synth.

Was there even an update to the packages from the ones in Bitwig 1.0, a difference in the packages rolled out for Bitwig 1 and 2?

I am heavily confused because in another forum, people told me there are definitely presets for phase-4.

Is there any possibility to DOWNLOAD the packages manually from a webspace. at least the essential bitwig ones with all the presets? would be the easiest way to get them tbh...

search your system for this file: Cascadin.bwpreset it is a randomly picked phase-4 preset from my system. if it's not there, something weird happened. i can if you want send you a zip with the phase-4 presets directory. :D i don't use them anyway :P btw there are 305 phase-4 presets.


answered Apr 01 '18 at 15:01 by connmach (38)

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Nope nowhere to find on any of my harddiscs.

300+ presets? geez...theres a massive bug then...thats why i prefer to download these packages manually.

i then bet i still have none of the new stuff since i updated to version 2...


answered Apr 01 '18 at 18:52 by anttimaatteri (0)

don't know if it's a bug; you are the first with this i have heard of. maybe it's a admin/user authentication thingy while installing. did you try contacting support?

let me know if you need more to check...

good luck


answered Apr 01 '18 at 20:10 by connmach (38)

i solved it. took a solution from another thread, which i thought maybe solveing the problem, and it did.

**if someone ever has the same problems

  • just delete the bitwig folder on
    C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Bitwig Studio just make sure to save your
    personal data or just make a copy of this folder, just in case u are not
  • then start bitwig
  • then reinitialise your license off line or online
  • then reenter all your folders for plugins project etc in the respective preferences
  • reinstall all packages
  • wait
  • wait some more ``- then restart bitwig and everything should be

and thanks conmach for your helping hand


answered Apr 01 '18 at 22:01 by anttimaatteri (0)

edited Apr 01 '18 at 22:06

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