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I'm on Bitwig 2.3.2 and I'm speaking solely about the arranger view ... I found out, that the tempo value for an audio event doesn't show a correct value. It even doesn't react, when I stretch the audio event in edit mode by mouse. Then... even though a first clip, when inserted in an audio track, is stretched to fit the project tempo (BPM), but as soon another clip is inserted in another audio track, it's tempo is calculated incorrect (algorithm seems to mangle clip length of the first and second clip and calculate an incorrect value. All in all the stretching behavior in combination with tempo calculation seems to be inconsistent. Another thing: Why is there no region given (with start and end on the time line), which is used for calculating a tempo? This would help a lot to get much better results for this calculation.

I'm not sure if this is what your asking, but I think it might clarify some things at the very least. Unless the tempo is somehow encoded in the audio you are using, I rarely get an accurate tempo automatically estimated by Bitwig. The algorithm is only going to estimate it as close as it can anyways. I always have to find the correct tempo or at least double check it myself.. To find the correct tempo, go to the inspector panel on the left while the audio clip is selected. Deselect Loop. Change the mode drop down to Raw. Then you will hear the actual original audio. Now you can use Tap Tempo to find the tempo of that audio by holding Ctrl + clicking the play button to the tempo of that audio. Your timing may be less than perfect, so round to the nearest whole number and type that into the tempo manually.
Now you should know the tempo of that audio. Now, with the audio clip selected, change the mode back to whichever stretch algorithm you want to use and change the tempo entry in the inspector panel to the tempo you found the Raw clip to be.
Now you shouldn't have any issues with the tempo matching up to that audio. Also, the audio may have to be lengthened to show the entire audio sometimes. You may have to go into the note editor panel to do this as well if it was cut off when dragged into the project initially. This is much simpler than it sounds, once you do it.


answered Apr 03 '18 at 15:16 by ChaosSurrendered (31)

Good tip! Just do it a few times and it will be like second nature. :)

  — (Apr 05 '18 at 11:04) fredrik

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