asked Apr 04 '18 at 09:14 by unslept (132)

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it would be extremely useful to be able to import .scl and .tun files for easy microtuning, is there any chance this will happen sometime?

Second to this, this is very desirable feature!


answered Dec 21 '18 at 21:37 by anton-k (21)

Absolutely this, the native MPE support should make this very possible I'd imagine


answered Mar 03 at 19:51 by Hexprobe (31)

Was just having fun with Chromaphone and Synth One (on iOS), both of which support Scala tunings. Setting things up so that everything uses the same tuning system isn’t that painful but, surely, there could be a way to support tuning systems in the DAW itself and my hope is that The Grid will itself support microtuning in some way. It’s true that MPE can help a lot, allowing for precise tuning of each voice, independently. But it’s not “quantized” in the same way. My sense is also that MIDI 2.0 is very likely to add some tuning support.


answered Mar 05 at 21:49 by Ethnographer (31)

This would be amazing! Please also tie in support for the touchscreen keyboard.. I got one for use in Bitwig (Philips 222B9T) and it's a joy to use! Would love to see this integrated with microtonal scales.


answered Jun 06 at 18:56 by foresense (11)

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