asked Apr 05 at 15:02 by djx (197)

I'm using the clip launcher to send midi to various hardware synths. Then I'm routing the synth audio back into a couple of bitwig audio tracks. I arm those audio tracks for recording and as expected I get new audio clips in the arranger.

What I dont understand is why I am also getting new midi clips appearing in the arranger even though I have purposely left those tracks unarmed for recording? Its obviously the clip launcher output being recorded into the arranger - and I can see why that could be useful if I wanted to do that, but right now I would like to be able to stop it happening. Any ideas?


I'd like to know too


answered 6 hours ago by Scoox (11)

There's no way to stop the behaviour. I've allready requested to add a switch in arranger to engage exclusive recording of (only) armed tracks. Please write to support with a good explanation of your problem!


answered 30 mins ago by stamp (50)

Will do. So basically the big record button on the transport bar is not to be touched while producing a song, right? I'm new to Bitwig, say I want to record a band which means I need to record a number of microphones and sources simultaneously to separate clips in the clip launcher. Is there a way to start recording multiple clips all at the same kind, or do I need to click the record button on each clip at a time?


answered 8 mins ago by Scoox (11)

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