asked Apr 07 '18 at 07:48 by voidex (113)

For example i have kick each bar and want bass note to start before kick and end after kick. If I place note at 1.4-2.2, while loop ends at 2.1, note won't play with 2 beats length, it will be 1 beat. I can move this note to 1.2-1.4 and also move loop start position to 0.3, but in this case I won't be able to use Q to Loop.

Here's example: - red arrows - kick position. In this case both notes (with micro-pitch expression, that crosses loop start and end) won't be played correctly.

So i move start position: - red arrows - kick. Now it's ok, but I can't do Q to Loop now as long as in this case kick will be at the start of loop.

Is there any way to make note continue play even if it ends after loop?

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