asked Apr 12 '18 at 09:28 by gpalmer (111)


Really enjoying using Bitwig so far, except for one issue.

At present it seems impossible to nicely apply quantisation or groove to an audio clip. The only way I can find is to slice via onsets but this results in a tonne of artifacts because the new audio events don't line up or transition into each other properly. Same deal if you slice to a new track.

You can manually quantise by dragging every stretch marker in a single event. That's fine for smaller clips, but then it's impossible to apply groove?

Will Bitwig have a better implementation of this soon, where quantise and groove in an audio event simply move the stretch markers themselves to the appropriate positions? This is the most sensible and natural-sounding way to go. It seems such a shame that Bitwig contains these amazing clean-sounding stretching modes/algorithms but they are effectively useless because quantising and groove are so difficult/impossible to apply. The beautiful algorithms are going to waste! =(

Unless I'm missing something...??? Lots of web searching so far but I haven't found anywhere a method other than what I mentioned above.

I would have thought this would be fairly easy to implement too? If Bitwig "knows" how to move the start of MIDI notes to quantise or apply groove, surely moving those stretch markers would be basically the same idea?

  — (Apr 12 '18 at 09:31) gpalmer

Update: I've just realised that once audio is split according to onsets the groove is applied automatically so you don't have to quantise again. I think this is a good idea but those artifacts are really annoying... you have to shorten every second created event to stop this weird "double attack" thing it's doing...

  — (Apr 12 '18 at 12:01) gpalmer

I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants this feature added. If midi can handle shuffle, surely porting that feature to onset’s/stretch markers can’t be that big of a feature to add can it? I really hope Bitwig gives us the ability to add groove/shuffle to audio. It’s the only major feature missing.


answered Aug 06 '18 at 02:40 by Budnik (31)

edited Aug 06 '18 at 02:41

I really like the way Studio One handles groove extraction and applying


answered Aug 14 '18 at 10:38 by donov (31)

I'm new to bitwig, been using different daws, but mainly Reaper the last couple of years. I was extremely surprised that bitwig can't quantize onsets/beat markers... I think implementing this should be on top of the to-do-list for new features! Other than that I love bitwig :)


answered Dec 11 '18 at 21:07 by Spocken81 (11)

I agree I think this should be implemented too.


answered Jan 01 '19 at 02:24 by richielg (11)

Use this form for feature suggestions.

Much more likely to get answers/feedback, this forum is generally for asking questions of other Bitwig users.


answered Jan 01 '19 at 02:59 by sticklebrick (480)

I used the extract and apply groove functionality all the time in Ableton before switching to Bitwig and I really miss it. I hope Bitwig will implement something similar, I've emailed a request to support.


answered Jun 03 at 11:49 by Riches (41)

Yes, I agree that's something essential everybody is used to from Ableton. This is a huge tradeoff that should be fixed soon.


answered Jun 23 at 21:37 by Lorenz (31)

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