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Hi All,

I've got a synth that I have a MIDI CC mapped to. I use the synth outside of a DAW context by sending it MIDI files in an external program, but when I export my MIDI clips from BWS 2.3.2 (with MIDI CC recorded as part of the clip) I don't see the controller messages in my file.

For the record I'm reading the file myself in C++ so I may have a bug. Does Bitwig export MIDI CC envelopes (recorded or drawn) as part of the exported MIDI clip? The docs say that it includes all notes... which I guess excludes CC but I was kinda hoping to get those.

  • John

EDIT: On further inspection it seems like the MIDI export features in BWS are pretty slim. The channel MIDI data gets is the track index, meaning no more than 16 MIDI tracks can be exported (though I don't see this documented anywhere.) I wonder if at some point a proper MIDI export feature could be implemented, perhaps one that lets you export from the clip launching view as well.

Not a complete answer to your question, but 16 channels per file is a limitation of the MIDI file format (not just bitwig).


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Can you cite your source on that? I agree that 16 channels is the limit, but there's no reason that each track should get its own channel. According to this page

The track # in a MIDI file is a 16 bit number - even if it was signed that would put us somewhere in the range of 32000 tracks. Granted those tracks could not live on more than 16 channels, but I don't see a reason that they can't all live on the same channel. The MIDI files I get also have more than 16 tracks, but the later tracks are empty.

  — (Apr 15 '18 at 19:26) mynameisjohnj

I was reading the MIDI 1.0 specification available here:

Specifically, on page 3 it says: "A track chunk contains a sequential stream of MIDI data which may contain information for up to 16 MIDI channels."

I realize now that what I wrote is true, but perhaps unhelpful to you. Good luck with your project.

  — (Apr 15 '18 at 19:57) hrrld

Perhaps this explains why I am seeing a MIDI export of empty tracks? Very frustrating undocumented and unnecessary behavior. Has this been fixed i recent version?


answered Sep 25 '19 at 12:58 by leegee (65)

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