asked Apr 14 '18 at 08:02 by Hiker98 (31)

Hello, Im Trying to figure out if Bitwig has some sort of master fader for mixing. I'm used to Pro Tools, and they have a master fader track. I was wondering if they just changed the name to Effect Track, because that would be the only thing I see that comes close to what I'm looking for.

Can anyone give me some insight on this situation; I'm really lost.

Thank You.

So far I've found out that you can put all tracks into a group track, then use a Plugin like Voxengo Span (Free) to gain stage. That is the only solution I've found that works.

For further info, Check out Youtube Link:

I found it very helpful. If anybody has a better solution, please share.


answered Apr 18 '18 at 02:57 by Hiker98 (31)

The fader on the master track in Bitwig is post effects, just like every other track fader. In Protools the master fader is pre effects, unlike most other DAWS, which seems what you are used to and missing right now. Lots of people actually use a submix bus for their master bus in Protools, because the way the fader is implemented there. All you would need to do is insert e.g. the Tool device as the first effect on your master track and use it the same way you would use the master fader in Protools.


answered Apr 22 '18 at 07:51 by Cyler (356)

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