asked Apr 14 at 15:15 by DaniniDeDanone (11)

Hi there, I don't understand why sometimes when I play the timeline I listen a pattern over the created sound.

I thought it may be a kind of metronome, but I've turned off.

It also seems a kind of anticopy, but everything is right activated so I'm able to write, record, export and save correctly.

It only occurs sometimes when playing... Some help please, thanks!

Shot in the dark - do you have your arranger view set to active? I think only one can be active at a time, i.e you can only use the timeline view or the clip launching view, so maybe you are looking at the inactive one.


answered Apr 14 at 23:59 by mynameisjohnj (23)

Ieps, thanks for the quick answer. As I know I've only have activated one view at the same time.

Is it possible that there is an incompatible plu-in installed? Thanks.


answered Apr 16 at 11:05 by DaniniDeDanone (11)

This happens if you use a pirated and cracked copy of Bitwig Studio. Please be so kind and purchase a legit license if you want to use Bitwig Studio.


answered Apr 16 at 14:16 by dom ♦♦ (2.0k)

Eps, the sound came from a 32 vst transformed to 64, the tool I did with was out of trial mode.

Thanks for the answers.


answered Apr 16 at 16:33 by DaniniDeDanone (11)

Ah, ok, that's not even needed as Biwig Studio supports 32 and 64 bit plugins at the same time. How can you save project without having a license listed in your account?

  — (Apr 16 at 17:22) dom ♦♦

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