asked Apr 15 '18 at 07:14 by LeDelire (51)

Hello! The question is this: With a live playing from the midi keyboard there is a delay in the sound of the virus ti. Pressing the LIFE button on the virus plug-in does not fix the problem. And the second problem: the inconvenient behavior of the handles of the plug-in when clicked. When clicking, the position of the handle goes to the place where the click occurs.The setting of the knob will be lost. It should not be. The values of the parameter are convenient to adjust when moving with the mouse.


I do not want to buy a third-party plug-in. In the REAPER and the Ableton Live, virus ti works great. So the problem is in bitwig. I would like the problem to be solved, because the program is excellent!


answered Apr 15 '18 at 20:41 by LeDelire (51)

You did not give any details about your computer or what OS. All I can say is - bad news - I had no success getting the TI vst plugin working properly in bitwig on windows 7. It gave me too much lag and crashed often.

My solution was to purchase the Mystery Islands Virus HC plugin

This uses midi to connect to the virus and you connect the analog outs from the virus to your audio interface, instead of using usb.

And the good news is that it works great.


answered Apr 15 '18 at 13:24 by djx (315)

When I got my virus I tried many things to make TI work consistently without lag because I liked the UI. I tried all the things people suggested with usb config etc. Seems like some people say "yes it works fine for me, so it must be your computer or DAW" and many people say "it never works properly, just use midi and forget about TI". Some people on the virus forum recommended the virusHC plugin and I tried the demo - and it just worked! So that is where I landed.

I'm interested to see if you find a way to get TI working in bitwig. Please post your solution here if you find one.

regards David


answered Apr 16 '18 at 00:10 by djx (315)

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