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Hi there,

In Cubase I can use the Space-key to start and pause playback. This way I can move forward in my project as required. If I want to move back to my initial start point - despite having jumped around and paused playback several times in between - I can just trigger the "Go back to start" command via a key on my keyboard and jup right back to that start point.

In Bitwig I never managed to setup a similar workflow. It plays and pauses but I cannot jump back to my initial start point (set by mouse) as the software constantly overwrites my initial start point with the new pause point...

This is a real blocker for me.

Is there any possible combination of settings available which would allow me to get a similar behavior like I have in Cubase?

What I need:

  1. Define start point via mouse (e.g.)
  2. Press space-bar to start playback in arrangement view
  3. Pressig space-bar again stops playback but does not jump back to my initial start point; initial start point is NOT overwritten by new pause point
  4. Pressing space-bar again allows me to continue playback from pause point
  5. Pressing "#" key on my keyboard moves playback right back to my initial start point

Hope someone can make sense of this and help me. I love Bitwig for its modulation capabilities. But this thing just drives me nuts.

Cheers, Seb

Shift-Space starts playback from the position you stopped playback instead of starting from the last starting position.


answered Apr 16 '18 at 14:54 by dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

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