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Following use case: We're tracking live with Bitwig and want to mxidown & export the live-Songs to multiple wav files.

When recording is done we're setting the cue markers at the beginning of every song. Selecting each song now is relatively easy. But the workflow exporting each WAV is cumbersome: You cannnot select CURE markers in the export dialog. So worflow looks like follows:

  • set cue markers over complete recording
  • for each song do {
  • select 2 cue markers using SHIFT-MOUSECLICK
  • select region using COMMAND-L
  • select export using COMMAND-SHIFT-B
  • in export dialogue enter songname select loop region by MOUSECLICK
  • }

This process is incredibly inefficient. I think there could be multiple easy fixes for this:

1) Ass an option to the export dialogue, so cue markers can be selected to set start and end time (seems obvious)

2) Adding an option "split export file by cue markers" and add a 001, 002.... for each marker (or even better - the cue markers name).

3) Extend the export function in the API, so it could be triggerd by the controller. Indeed it would be cool if all control elements/functions could be remotely controlled. When I missed it, please point me to where to find this.

Solution no2 might suit my usecase best but solution no1 might be usable in a lot of other cases as well. Indeed it's kind of crazy that time cannot be selected by the markers (which is what they are made for). Is there any other option currently to get the job done?

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