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Some of us are composing/arranging audio for video, or sometimes audio just needs to be synced to visual-activities.

So what i am really missing since i switched to Bitwig is video in the timeline (or in a separated window/screen)!

XJADEO is used by Ardour 3 for example, and it displays the video-thumbnails inside the timeline as own track which works flawless.

Are there any plans to implement that feature, or do you know a way how to do that in BWS?

Have you tried video vst plugins? For example,

  — (Feb 01 '15 at 21:34) Arsen

I was thinking about to extract audio from videos, so simple drag and drop into BWS and Add FX or Cutting or something like that.

  — (Apr 11 '17 at 07:28) BlackHoleNFO

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If Bitwig is heading into the modular realm of software like Max or Reaktor, then we could see video containers and objects much earlier than thought. Well, that's my hope anyway.


answered Jan 28 '15 at 11:50 by Zuralski (281)

Bitwig developers. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I compose music for moving picture, and I find Bitwig to be the best DAW for making arrangements. It is so simple to animate different parameters, when controlling strings for example. I was using Cubase earlier, and the automation was really terrible in contrast.

Support for video tracks in bitwig would open up a huge customer area for Bitwig. And personally, I would hate to abandon Bitwig for my projects. But as it is now, it makes my life harder. I need video tracks in Bitwig.

Just to hear your thoughts on this for the future, would be nice. Thank you


answered Jul 14 '16 at 14:51 by sebastiankarika (51)

Video would be great. But to make BWS special I would rather enable Video in clips, not necessarily in the timeline (arranger). Imagine you fire a sequence, and the music starts with a video. In the following scene another video would start in sync. That would be great.

For composing for film there a re already som many solutions (e.g. Logic, Cubendo, Reaper)...

Just my 2 cent!



answered Jun 08 '16 at 11:11 by redglass (31)

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This is only my guessing. My guessing is the answer will not be answered until the future. I think bitwig team could do to make the daw more complete as audio working station. And when bitwig has become more of a full fledge daw i guess they will know more then. Soo i dont think its in a near future plan. But who knows :)


answered Jan 09 '15 at 18:04 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

I agree. It has a very solid nucleus. The problem I'm seeing is the musical genres it supports out-of-the-box are extremely narrow: dubstep, electronica.

It has the software capability to make movie-quality symphonic scores and big band jazz productions, but does not come with even basic "normal" instruments nor intuitive documentation for installing the same.

  — (Mar 13 '15 at 07:39) gerg

I would at least like to see the midi timecode output the timeline position as well, then at least you could drive a video player via MTC and have it synced with BWS. This seems like it would be relatively easy to add in the short term (as opposed to full-fledged video support, which I would love to see down the road). The nice thing about the MTC approach is that it could play to even another computer, offloading processing.


answered Mar 06 '15 at 08:59 by shadiradio (31)

I just stumbled over the same question for a film production I m working on right now.. I use a linux machine with ardour4 and mixbus and would love to integrate bitwig in my workflow. I m not to sure how it could talk to xjadeo but my guess is it would just need to function as a time master for jack and xjadeo would run smooth with it, I actually often prefered having xjadeo running next to a program than an integrated video . It makes production more flexible. for example mixing sound for multiple screens: you just open every video with xjadeo and you have the three or so videos running in sync to your daw, thats it... :)


answered Apr 25 '15 at 09:59 by kris (31)

It would be great if either 8-Track OR Studio would have video support. Every time I look to Bitwig to compose music for film, I see that it's not possible. I then go back to Reason to use their external video sync applications for that purpose. I love the synths in Reason and I love the synths in Bitwig. I wish I could have a choice of working directly in either software.


answered Jun 06 '16 at 21:33 by KM (31)

I think that would be neat-o too - it would be great to have video sync options. That being said - I don't want to keep spending money on other DAW software or use VST synthesizers. I don't need Cubase, I don't need Reaper, Logic, etc. I really like the synths and sound options built into Bitwig, I don't want to use VST's (even though Bitwig hosts them). Just the ability to have the video in one screen would suit me. Additional features, like the ones suggested by redglass, would also be fantastic. But again, just the ability to view the video and sync it to milliseconds.


answered Jun 08 '16 at 16:38 by KM (31)

Would love video player/timecode ability to export music to video as well! I compose for film and tv and have to do that in studio one/logic while doing "fun" stuff in bws...


answered Jul 15 '16 at 04:34 by jimmydeer (120)

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This is the only thing that keeps me from fully migrating my film projects to bitwig. I use logic / pro tools while i do all the fun things in bitwig studio too. I love the bitwig workflow and i think having a video function incorporated will definitively appeal to many film composers, film sound designers, etc. I hope bws developers are reading this and considering implementing this feature seriously in the future releases.


answered Aug 05 '16 at 05:38 by nexenta (21)

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