asked Apr 24 '18 at 22:17 by DrDubious (21)

Got this message when I attempted to update packages.

I've got a similar problem; except that I'm trying to install packages, not update them.

I'm in Western Australia.


answered Feb 04 at 14:35 by JezPerth (21)

edited Feb 04 at 14:36

I started having the same issue just today in United States.

I will add that only certain packages were failing immediately. If I retry they will eventually download and install just fine. It is very intermittent. It's almost like getting a bad server connection so waiting a bit and trying again works sometimes.


answered Mar 17 at 19:31 by darylknowles (11)

edited Mar 17 at 19:34

I just reinstalled Bitwig after a long period of not using it within the past 2 weeks. I got the Essentials Collection and the Partner collection installed, but all others give me this error message.

I just paid up my subscription to update to the latest version of the software, tonight, thinking that maybe the server list changed at some point, but that didn't fix the issue.


answered Jun 11 at 02:11 by Probst (11)

I'm in the United States, midwest.


answered Jun 11 at 02:11 by Probst (11)

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