asked Apr 26 '18 at 03:53 by szinerave (0)

I'm attempting to work with a reference track. I've set my project bpm to the reference track's bpm: 144.

I've dragged the song into the bitwig project.

Bitwig then plays the song back at a different tempo.

I adjust the clip's tempo to 144. The audio stretches, but the clip length remains the same, resulting in truncation of the clip. Bitwig will not let me edit the length either before or after changing the tempo.

How can I adjust the tempo of this clip without cutting off the end of it?

Hi szinerave,

I was getting the same problem - the only way I found to solve it was to increase the length in the Arranger Clip sidebar fields, to match the length in the Audio Event sidebar fields. There may be an easier/automated way, but I haven't found it yet...

I just spent ten minutes editing a screenshot to show you what I mean, but apparently I don't have enough 'karma' to upload it. Sorry.


answered Apr 27 '18 at 18:06 by Kavokei (53)


Thanks, that worked! Once I adjusted those parameters I was able to drag the clip out to it's full length. Strangely, editing the length parameters doesn't change the actual length of the clip in the arranger. :/

Thanks for trying on the screenshot - this forum has wierd rules :/

  — (May 04 '18 at 23:10) szinerave

You're welcome, glad it helped. No, the length of a clip is handled independently from the length of an event. Takes a bit of getting used to but it's actually a powerful feature when you start using more than one event per clip.

And yeah, not a fan of the 'karma'/number-of-posts approach to forums, it's kind of a 'guilty until proven innocent' approach. In my experience it's self-defeating as it essentially discourages community engagement, but whatever... I'm still finding Bitwig Studio more productive and creative than anything I've used previously.

  — (May 05 '18 at 16:43) Kavokei

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answered Mar 07 at 08:19 by tyron099 (0)

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