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Midinotes in BWS-Drummachine are automatic trigger the Knobs in a Plugin (sugarbytes turnado). Also the Knob read the note lenght of Drummachine. C1 is Knob 1 C#1 is Knob 2 D1 is Knob 3 D#1 is Knob 4 ...

Off course a nice feature but dont need it yet. If i turn the Indicator of SB-turnado, and the note trigger the knob i can have nice Effect movements. Midi Options in Turnado are off or changed, but no change solve the problem. In Bitwig some Midioptions trying but donĀ“t find the right way.

I have also this question.

Probably, Turnado's main use target is for audio, but I want to use it for midi track, too.

One solution, before Turnado vst, set Note Effect > Note Filter device, and set KEY Value 127-127.


answered Apr 14 at 12:45 by cblz (11)

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One more solution, before Turnado vst, Note Effect > Note Receiver (mute input ON), we got it.


answered May 01 at 16:57 by cblz (11)

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