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Midinotes in BWS-Drummachine are automatic trigger the Knobs in a Plugin (sugarbytes turnado). Also the Knob read the note lenght of Drummachine. C1 is Knob 1 C#1 is Knob 2 D1 is Knob 3 D#1 is Knob 4 ...

Off course a nice feature but dont need it yet. If i turn the Indicator of SB-turnado, and the note trigger the knob i can have nice Effect movements. Midi Options in Turnado are off or changed, but no change solve the problem. In Bitwig some Midioptions trying but donĀ“t find the right way.

One more solution, before Turnado vst, Note Effect > Note Receiver (mute input ON), we got it.


answered May 01 '19 at 16:57 by cblz (36)

yes, i just put a init (mute input is ON) "note reciver" before turnado and it works. bws 3.0.1. yey*

  — (Aug 06 '19 at 00:44) BlackHoleNFO

I have also this question.

Probably, Turnado's main use target is for audio, but I want to use it for midi track, too.

One solution, before Turnado vst, set Note Effect > Note Filter device, and set KEY Value 127-127.


answered Apr 14 '19 at 12:45 by cblz (36)

edited May 01 '19 at 16:58

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