asked May 01 at 18:26 by Vibezzz (48)

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  1. In piano roll when you place note it will be very usefull to remember last placed note's velocity for next note. So no need to drag mouse up/down and waste time trying to find same velocity, trying not to change length btw. It is very hard also to set exact value you want with dragging even with modifier keys.

  2. In addition to this it will be good to have option in behavior to disable velocity change with mouse drag while drawing note - it is hard to keep not changed velocity when you change length and then you need to use inspector again wasting time.

  3. In general settings is good to have Default note velocity option (why it is 78.7% now?).

Having options it is always good and user friendly, you know.

Ā«remember last placed note's velocity for next noteĀ» - one of the few vital features. Thank!


answered May 02 at 19:22 by Isoly (11)

I would be very happy to see it in the next release!


answered May 02 at 19:52 by Enrize (49)

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