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I had some performance issues with Bitwig Studio running on Linux that I could fix (though not exactly explain why it was fixed). Posting here in case others have similar issues, or maybe somebody can even explain what is going on.

This was the issue: After using more than just a handful of tracks, cracking sounds appeared and the tempo got out of sync. This started to appear with just 6 instrument tracks, something that my system should be able to handle easily. The DSP graph did not show any unusual spikes. Increasing the buffersize in the audio settings helped somehow, but was just a temporary fix.

Solution: My sample rate was set to 44.1 kHz. Changing it to 48 kHz solved the issue.

I'm using a Focusrite USB audio interface, maybe some external sample rate conversion was causing the issues, but this is just a guess.

if your samplerate on the interface ist locked to 48kHz, and jack is running 44.1kHz, it might cause some more x-runs cause it´s not identically.

keep in mind to run the highest CPU clock you can, to get the possible lowest latency. :)


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