asked May 04 '18 at 15:19 by smo (23)

Hi all, I'am very interesting in Bitwig Studio. One of the things about I'am frustrated is the documentation. The manual is light. For example, I want to understand how the reverb effect works and I can't do what I want. I saw several pages or videos about but seems no one know exactly what this or that knob do.

On the reverberation particularly, I don't understand what is the 'buildup' knob ?

At the end, after the frustration by using (unlimited potential) tools like bigwig effects or modulators and combinations because I can't really understand the parameters, I'll go to see external plugins which are limited by there no combinations features and I turn around.

I hope my explanation is understandable.

Okay I tried to imagine what you wanted based on your reply and I opened a Biwig's E-Snare and used the default preset Snares have a very sharp attack and gives the delay sound very easy when a reverb is applied so if i got what you wanted on a snare I did good enough I left some of the knobs in their default state, okay try these settings Diffusion 8% Buildup 100% Reverb Time 2.51s Late Mix 62% Mix 46% Hope that helps I find that Bitwigs reverb tends to have too much hi-pitched reflections to fix this I Put an EQ-5 in the wet section of reverb with 24db low pass on band 5 and it fixes it


answered May 05 '18 at 20:50 by MR7KING (66)

Okay, your suggestion is a possibility to progress near the result I want. However I have always a "shining", like an echo in the high freq even with a lowpass also on the tank, even if I push the reverb time. I push also the diffusion which is supposed to minimize the material reflection. Perhaps it's not possible to have this sort of effect ?

  — (May 06 '18 at 15:00) smo

Doing a high cut/low pass and lowering the frequency should solve this issue, if you lower it enough it should even make it next to impossible to hear the reverb if you still have high frequency issues after an extreme low pass it would suggest that your initial sound has high frequency issues

  — (May 08 '18 at 22:49) MR7KING

I can't give you the type of answer you are looking for as I am Like you just a customer. but what I do in your situation is 2 things, 1. I mess with every knob and feel them out. 2. I imagine what I want and tweak those knobs till I hear it or at least come close. Over time you will be able to predict what will happen before you even touch a knob.


answered May 05 '18 at 00:34 by MR7KING (66)

MR7KING, I do like you, but this "trial and error" is not reproducible at each time. I use it as creative state, but when I know what I want, and can't reproduce it... The last time, I try to make a "soft reverb", something that simply prolonged the sound. With Bitwig reverb, the sound seems to return like a delay even if I put the "Diffusion" to the max and no late or even if I put the late at max. :(

  — (May 05 '18 at 14:58) smo

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