asked May 07 '18 at 15:41 by TAUL (81)

Normally, automation panel displays MIDI “control change” data with poly lines bridged two different values and timing imputed point. Then, a plugin module crashed by recieving the “cc” data at inclined poly line (seems to so). That module requires MIDI “cc” data restricted (may be it can receive) momentary and integer data only. Can I transform or filtering or input MIDI “cc” in discontinuously integer data with easy way?

BWS Ver.2.3.2 Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3 (Plug-in : AquesTone2 ··· Japanese vocal synth)

Additional comment by my self.

I’ve tried to find some reasons about my problem and, At present this time, I think that BWS have not proper points about…

1 . MIDI (CC) data with automation.

I want to input MIDI-CC data on automation pane as same as the Program change data (the form like stair) …isn’t it normal?

BWS converts “imported MIDI-CC data” to polygonal line with force averaged linearly without some included points.

2 . Activity of plugin modules at back ground.

Some plugins? take no sounds with back ground (is not displayed device control window at front).

3 . Multiple instruments.

On my environment ?, notes are come on or not in unstable, that routed to multi-timbre plugin (has set up to another track).

Mostly, that occurs with the target track have no region and set multi-timbre plugin, and/or not displayed device pane, and/or not selected the track (equal to active?), but those conditions are not regular.

I wish those will be improved early.

BWS Ver.2.3.5 Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6

Plug-in modules : SampleTank 3 SE, UVIWorkstation, EastWest Play, Roland SOUND Canvas VA, Kontakt 5 player, etc.


answered Jul 14 '18 at 04:40 by TAUL (81)

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