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Im looking to mess around with serum and try out the demo, I cant seem to find how to install it into bitwig. Would be awesome if someone could let me know the steps to installing VSTs in general.

I can only speak for windows, but most VSTs come with an installer (.exe) that you just run and follow the prompts.

The confusing part for new players is knowing which flavor of vst you want (32bit, 64bit, vst2, vst3 etc) and what folder to put it in. Some installers will install all types and let you choose the folder, others just install some types and some dont let you choose the folder.

However the general idea is that each VST is usually a single file with a .dll extension (on windows). You can put that file in any folder you like and then tell biwig where it is using bitwigs settings|locations|Plug-in Locations window. It is common to use a single folder to hold your vst files. Often this defaults to something like "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2" since Steinberg invented VSTs. But I put mine in a folder called "R:\VST\VSTPlugins" where I use a sub-folder for each brand... eg R:\VST\VSTPlugins\Xfer for serum, nerve, cthulhu

I'll leave it there. There are plenty of other details that you might want to know so feel free to ask.



answered May 12 '18 at 10:33 by djx (274)

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