asked May 14 '18 at 19:40 by kirkwoodwest (11)

I'm looking for a method to do macro assignements similar to Covert Operators Sixteen Macros Max For Live Device.

Key features:

Macros can be assigned anywhere in the set. Channel Controls, Sends, Devices, etc.

Banks of presets which when you change between them the macros change to that of the preset. For example, I might have a set of macros that control all the levels in my set. or a set of macros that control specific parameters for a music part that I want to control live.

Device allows you to assign a static controller to all the knobs. When changing the presets the device is updated to the macros target current setting.

Recalling macro sets can be done by launching a clip that communicates to the device.

I'm pretty sure that is all that it does. So far as I can tell macros cannot go cross track nor can they control channel levels. Am I missing something here?


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