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Do you know any clue where metronome sound sample is located? Is it in jar files somewhere or I can simply point my sample via configuration somehow?

As an example I'd like to use sample from google page after typing "metronome" - which fits better to analog instruments (has better sound pierce when you play guitars).

You could get creative and make your own metronome using bitwig devices. I did, if anyone is interested I'll explain how.


answered Jan 06 '19 at 15:42 by sticklebrick (480)

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+1 Would really like to see the ability to specify a "wav" metronome sound (split into two sounds, onbeat.wav and offbeat.wav), the beeping metronome is rough and also kind of corresponds to an actual "frequency" which a metronome sound should never do IMHO.

Ableton 10 also doesn't have this but they at least give you three or so different metronome sounds to choose from.

EDIT: For anyone looking into this issue, the easiest thing to do now is create a drum kit with two rim sounds (on / off beat), then record a 4 beat track and export it to the library under the name "Metronome 4-4", then make one for each time major time signature. It's a kludge because obviously it can't be used for pre-roll but at least it's something.


answered Mar 22 at 04:17 by wizardblizzard (11)

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