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Hi, Are they still plans for networking multi computers vis Ethernet? This was in pipeline in Bitwig V1 - thanks

Hi there. I know this is old question, but there is an answer to it, that exists for a long time, way longer than Bitwig's existence itself. It's open-source, and a brilliant piece of software. I use it with joy a lot. It's called JackAudio and it's extension netjack, or netone.

You can find a very good walkthrough here: jackaudio at github. If you use qjackctl (Gui frontend for jackaudio) you can even have session persistence and IO patch automatic reconnection as you go.

Don't be put off by the lots of details given there, it's part of the open-source philosophy to empower you. So just skip to the parts you're interested in, if you just want to get it to work.

Important to note: you won't be able to make it work on a WAN (edit: you can, but it will not have professional performance) or through an internet connection. But it works via a good router, or even better via a discreet ethernet (Gb preferred, 100Mb minimum) connection. This way you will have the least dropouts.

Combine this with BItwig's ability to use Abl_Link, and you have all the tools you need to sync timelines and share sound between your hosts. On a mac pretty much everything is "Jackable" via the jack_router CoreAudio extension that comes with jackaudio which makes every coreaudio enabled app jack-enabled.


answered Jun 24 '18 at 20:30 by seegwen (11)

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