asked Jun 02 '18 at 19:30 by Yarfy (11)

Hi all, I purchased Fabfilter's Pro MB in the hopes of using it to sidechain. However, I have no idea how to do this with bitwig... every tutorial I have found online deals with other DAWs that seem to make the process easy. Does anyone know how to get sidechain going on this program using Bitwig?

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I'm going to assume you know how side-chaining works generally.

With a band selected in the Pro-MB UI you should see the floating box with the knobs. Click the bar on the right that says "EXPERT" to reveal the side-chain config. At this point it will be useful to have "Show Interactive Help Hints" enabled in the Help menu. Hover over the various buttons in the side-chain config to get a sense of what they do. Click on "Ext" if you want the side-chain driver to be the audio from another track. To specify what the external source is you need to click on the the little button on the bitwig pro-mb device UI (ie not the large pro-mb UI)... Its the button that looks like an arrow pointing down to a line. (This is a common icon on any bitwig device that can utilize a sidechain). You can then choose the source from the drop-down list that appears there.

Thats basically it but there are plenty of options that I didnt mention here, so feel free to ask more questions if I missed something that you need to know.


answered Jun 03 '18 at 12:41 by djx (315)

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