asked Jun 02 '18 at 20:54 by gmnewton (21)

Hi Bitwigers,

I am fairly new to Bitwig and am wondering, is there really no on/off for track sends?

For example, i have one track with some audio and one fx track with reverb, and I would like to set the send amount on the audio track to a specific amount and then turn that send on and off (via a midi controller button) so i can send bursts of audio to the fx track. I know I could write this in easily enough in track automation, but what I really want is to be able to do this live, playing clips and tracks and sending bursts out to different effects. I know I can also just twirl the send amounts up and down, but that isn't quite what i wanted to do. Probably I'm being too picky, but this is something Cubase does easily... Just wondered if i'm missing something?

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions

How about to make a mute device using FX Layer, put it on your FX track after reverb and assign your MIDI controller to ON/OFF ?


answered Jun 06 '18 at 05:13 by BCBeats (141)

In Renoise, 'send' is actually a device you throw in the chain. This has many benefits; what you want to do would be trivial (because modulators are in play), and you can send to the send at any point in the device chain, &c. I've wanted this in bitwig recently as well. Interested to see what answers appear here. :) Thanks for asking this.


answered Jun 06 '18 at 17:13 by hrrld (79)

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