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Hi, all,

I'm new to Bitwig. I've stumbled a bit of an issue, and I hope you can help me. I'm trying to control the dynamics, vibrato and expression of several instances of Albion ONE (A1) within Kontakt.

I have Kontakt loaded in one track, containing three instances of A1, with each instance playing a different articulation (i.e. consordino, staccato, pizzicato). I also loaded three more tracks, and each track is set to output MIDI data to Kontakt. The tracks are also assigned their respective channels to match those of the instances in Albion ONE (channel 1 for the consordino, channel 2 for the staccato and 3 for the pizzicato). So far, everything works as expected. If I hit a key while the channel 1 track is in focus, it plays the consordino sample. If the focus is on channel 2 track, it plays the staccato, and so on.

The problem arises when I want to control, say, the expression (CC11) of the sample library. By default, CC11 is not currently mapped to anything. However, CC1, which controls the modulation is mapped to the dynamics on A1 accordingly. So, if I move my modulation wheel while the focus is on channel 1 track, the dynamics slider of the consordino sample in A1 also moves. Likewise, if the focus is on channel 2 or 3 track, the dynamics slider of the staccato or the pizzicato sample moves. I didn't do anything to get this behavior. It is the default. But for expression (CC11), and even for CC21, which controls the vibrato of the samples, we have to manually set them up.

I tried using the "Learn CC# MIDI Automation" in Kontakt, then moved the first slider on my M-Audio Oxygen 61 keyboard, it didn't work (does anyone know why?). The slider that I moved on my keyboard, sends MIDI data through CC 91 (decimal). Kontakt doesn't receive this data. But if I move the mod wheel, Kontakt receives it. If you go to Automation->MIDI Automation in Kontakt, you will see a blinking red square next to MIDI CC1 as you move the mod wheel, signifying that it's receiving data through CC1. I don't get this blinking red square next to CC91 when I move the first slider.

After searching online, I learned about Bitwig's MIDI CC device. So, I loaded a copy of MIDI CC in the device panel of each channel track. MIDI CC has eight knobs, and three of those, by default, are set to control the modwheel (1), breath controller (2), and expression (11). I changed the breath controller (2) to 21 to control the vibrato on A1. This works perfectly. I move the modwheel knob on MIDI CC, the dynamics slider in A1 moves as well. Move the expression knob on MIDI CC, the expression slider on A1 moves, too. Next, I wanted to link these knobs to the sliders on my keyboard. So, I right-clicked on the modwheel knob on MIDI CC, clicked "Map to Controller or Key," and then moved the first slider on my keyboard. It worked. Did the same thing for the vibrato knob, which I linked to the second slider on my keyboard. And the expression knob was linked to the third slider. I did this for all the loaded MIDI CC devices.

The problem now is when I move the first slider to control the dynamics for, say, the staccato track, it also moves the dynamics of the other instrument tracks (i.e. consordino and pizzicato) even though they're not currently in focus or active. Is there something I missed or forgot to set in order for this to work correctly? I hope you can help shed some light on my issue.

By the way, since Bitwig doesn't recognize my Oxygen keyboard, I downloaded a Javascript file from Github here:

After extracting it to the Controllers folder, I can now use the transport controls, which don't work before, on my keyboard.

Operating System: Windows 10
MIDI Keyboard: M-Audio Oxygen 61
RAM: 32 GB

Anyone from Bitwig who can help me with the issue I'm having with the software? Thanks.



answered Jun 16 '18 at 11:04 by adamkris (11)

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