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The Replika XT plugin from Native Instruments does not behave normally in Bitwig (current version). I have compared this to behavior in Ableton Live 10, Renoise and Logic -- in all these platforms, the plugin behaves as expected. In Bitwig, it does not.

the behavior occurs all the time.

behavior -- preset menu is laggy / sluggish. choosing a preset result in a pause of 1-2 seconds before the preset loads succesfully. any and all interactions with the menu -- searching, selecting / loading, saving, etc result in this sluggish behavior.

hope this can be sorted out. I know BWS could say "it's NI's fault..." but considering that it works smoothly / doesn't exhibit this behavior in other DAWs, there's something bitwig-specific going on here, unfortunately.



Yup, been there. Bitwig support said that they can reproduce this behaviour and it only happens with Replika and not with other NI plugins. But that's about it... I also had a long chat with NI support. In the end he was able to reproduce this bugginess too in Bitwig and said they were going to look in to's been like 6 months now. There's somehing going on with the GUI code in this particular DAW. Seems like neither of the teams have any interest in fixing it thou.


answered Jun 14 at 18:22 by mgaw (238)

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