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Hi all,

In my setup, I use BW mainly as a MIDI sequencer, and Apple MainStage connected via the IAC bus as plugin host. This has various benefits for me over using plugins inside BW.

I am getting good results with this overall - I like BW. Unfortunately though, there are still several issues with how MIDI is handled in BW that need to be addressed in my humble opinion, that would make life easier for anyone who uses external hardware instruments. These are, in my experience:

  • Mute and Solo buttons of a HW Instrument track only work for incoming audio; they do not affect the MIDI playback. Seen as the option to mix the audio outputs of these HW instruments externally will be favoured by many, it would be great if this were addressed.
  • MIDI monitoring through a HW Instrument track has latency that corresponds to the audio buffer settings. In a DAW like Logic this is never the case; MIDI monitoring throughput is very fast, at a high control rate. Ableton Live on the other hand does seem to add latency; I find this intruiging seen as near-zero latency is so preferable when playing and recording a MIDI instrument; especially drums.

To circumvent this last issue, I've recently altered my setup in such a way that MIDI monitoring is done directly between my MIDI sources (keyboards, e-drums) and my MIDI module (MainStage); unfortunately though then another issue has come up:

  • when recording MIDI to a HW Instrument track without monitoring, only note messages seem to get recorded; pitchbend, aftertouch and CC messages do not.

I've done some testing with the internal Polysynth plugin as well, which has yielded some strange results too: - CC being recorded and visible on an automation lane, but not playing back; - when recording without monitoring (strange, but for testing): pitchbend does get recorded, CC does not.

This all in BW 2.3.4. I hope this is helpful. BW rocks as a MIDI sequencer alone; I look forward very much to these issues getting resolved. Thanks for your attention.

Another issue just popped up: pitchbend data resolution and latency is a problem when monitoring through BW. In other words, it is less direct and sort of wobbles compared to direct monitoring without BW in the chain.


answered Jun 13 '18 at 15:30 by crosswick (21)


I have exactly the same 2 first issues which are really problematic in a very usual MIDI workflow.

It would be nice that the Bitwig team stops adding to many new audio features and starts to fix some nasty behaviors especially on MIDI, listening to the feedback on this point which are pretty bad.



answered Dec 21 '19 at 09:58 by yomguy (41)

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The midi mute bothers me, too. Please write an official request to Bitwig support. This place is not meant for feature request.


answered Dec 24 '19 at 01:21 by stamp (186)

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