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The current method of adding items to Collections is, to put it lightly, inefficient. The necessary steps of right-clicking the collection itself, selecting "set as target destination", then needing to make sure "everything" is the current filter, then searching for things to add to the "target" collection... this is all very roundabout and requires lots of clicks to get basic sorting work done.

I'd like to propose a new workflow that could drastically speed-up adding things to collections: Instead of relying entirely on the "set as target destination" approach, why not simply add a new context menu entry when we right-slick on any device -- "Add to Collection..." This menu entry could then have a sub-menu that lists all currently existing Collections. This entry could appear both when right-clicking a device name in the browser, but also when right-clicking a device itself inside your session.

This would allow us to very quickly add devices to a collection without the pain of the "set as target destination" system, which always results in extra clicking around in multiple panes of the browser.

Workflow Comparison:

Current method:

  1. Navigate to Collections pane in browser
  2. Right-Click on Collection you want to add things to, select "set as target destination"
  3. Click on "everything" filter to make sure all items are showing, and not just collection items
  4. Navigate to desired device in device list pane of browser, click the Star to add to target collection.

And, importantly, if you want to add something to a different collection, you have to then repeat all the above steps to do it.

Proposed method:

  1. Navigate to desired device in browser (may require first clicking 'everything' filter, but this is less likely to be the case since you don't need to be mucking around in the "collections" pane first, like above) OR simply navigate to desired device inside your session, if applicable.
  2. Right Click desired item, choose new menu entry "Add to Collection..." which presents sub-menu of current Collections, select the one to add to.

That's 2 steps versus 4 steps, and only requires looking in one pane of of the browser (devices) instead of two (collections and devices). Furthermore, you do not have to repeat a series of 4 steps when you want to add a device to a different collection than the last collection that was added to. You'd just repeat the exact same 2 steps noted above in the new method, that's it.

What do you think? -M

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