asked Jun 23 '18 at 10:42 by oli4vr (31)

In Cubase VST I used to use negative delay on midi instrument lines a lot. It was perfect to use on pads with long attack lines. I kind off miss this in Bitwig. Maybe I'm overlooking something and this feature is there...

With note delay I mean delaying instrument notes in clips towards each other. To explain what I'm looking for : Clip 1 had a negative delay of 200ms (could also be in a tempo unit like 24ppqn ticks) Clip 2 has no delay Clip 3 has 100ms delay

In background everything is delayed towards the lowest negative number. So Clip 2 is delayed 200ms towards clip 1, clip 3 has been delayed 100ms towards clip 1. And all of this on the level of the sequencer engine keeping the clips intact (not chopping off first/last notes)

Is something like this in the product allready and where can I find it? If not it would be a great feature... Especially if you are fond of long attacks...

That isn't completely what I am looking for. The time shift works, but I don't think it can only shift audio and not midi going out to a hardware synth.

Shifting the notes (shift key) outside of the clip will cut them out and they won't be played.

What I mean is something that is integrated in the sequencer and is on a midi/note level, where you can shift the start of any clip or channel negative or positive and it is processed on the level of the sequencer. That would be an awesome feature for fans of long attacks ;)

When I keep things (audio) inside bitwig I can use the time shift however as a secondary solution.


answered Jul 10 '18 at 10:17 by oli4vr (31)

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