asked Jun 30 '18 at 02:59 by Kandi (11)

Hi, My question involves setting up the audio inputs. I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 26, which gives me 6 analog inputs. In addition, connected, via fiber optic cable, to the Saffire is a Focusrite Scarlett Octopre which provides another 8, for a total of 14.

I've gone into settings/audio where Bitwig shows all 14 (and more) inputs available for use. I've configured inputs (#1-6) for the Saffire Pro so as to accommodate a guitar, mic and hardware synths. These 6 work no problem.

However, I've done the same for the Octopre inputs (#7-14) but cannot get any of them to pass audio into the DAW. The hardware connected to these inputs can be heard coming out of my speakers, but completely independently of Bitwig. No sound enters the assigned Bitwig tracks. Nothing shows up in the sound meters, nothing is recorded on the audio tracks. Bitwig's volume meters have no effect on the amplitude of the sound coming out of the speakers.

All 14 of the combined inputs work for all purposes but Bitwig. I have attempted to solve this problem but have come to my wit's end. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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