asked Jul 05 '18 at 22:06 by Galaktlan (11)

Dear Bitwig users,

Is there a way to repeat an audio clip in mix view so that the clip's audio tail will fade into the clip itself? I mean, for example I have an audio clip that measures 4 bars plus an audio tail with reverb or sustained notes. I want to repeat it so that the clip starts in every 4 bars, but the tail fades into the next repeated clip. This would be really useful in live situation. I would use much shorter clips instead of minutes of audio and this would give me the flexibility to arrange the track on the go while still maintaining the flow.

You can try to put your audio clip in the sampler device and control it by a midi note every 4 bar. Be sure to open the release and switch the loop off.


answered Jul 07 '18 at 17:07 by untilben (21)

Yes, I've considered that myself too. But it would be much easier if I could just drag and drop the audio files in the slots.

  — (Jul 07 '18 at 20:04) Galaktlan

Yes. However, I'm not sure you will be able to do what you ant directly in any other DAW.


answered Jul 07 '18 at 22:05 by untilben (21)

Yeah, that's why it would be cool if Bitwig could do that :)

  — (Jul 08 '18 at 11:28) Galaktlan

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