asked Jul 06 '18 at 02:33 by k_l_marshall (42)


I am a long time user and have only just now had the time to upgrade to 2.0. I just installed a fresh copy of 2.3.4 and for some reason I cannot download any packages.

When I initially launch Bitwig the system prompts me with the options to install essentials, install everything or show the package manager. Clicking on install essentials or install everything does noting. If I select the package manager nothing is displayed.

From looking at other threads it appears that Bitwig was experiencing some issues last month but the threads have since been closed.

Is anyone else having issues? Any suggestions for resolution?


It would be lovely is someone from Bitwig support could comment on whats going on?


answered Jul 07 '18 at 00:21 by k_l_marshall (42)

I found a temporary work around.

It looks like the North America node "" is the problem. Its not responding to any port 80 traffic (hey Bitwig - have your CIO call me as I have a monitoring solution you seriously need to look at).

Anyway the EMEA node "" seems to be responding and working fine (albeit slow). If your located in NA and cannot download packages from, you can modify your host file and force Bitwig studio to use the EMEA package manager site.

To do this you need to modify the hosts file on your Windows, MAC or Linux machine (I will let you google how to edit). Add the following line:

You will know that its working if the command "ping" shows "" as responding. You can remove the host entry once your done updating your packages.


answered Jul 07 '18 at 14:26 by k_l_marshall (42)

I am having the same issue. I just purchased a serial number for 2.3.4, added it to my account, installed on Windows 10, and activated. I can download and play demo projects but no packages show up in the package manager. I have my source set to Bitwig Online.

I am not dead in the water because I have plenty of other content, but I would like to have access to the Bitwig packages.

Perhaps this is a server-side error. I am giving up for now and monitoring this.


answered Jul 06 '18 at 05:37 by trhoffendjr (11)

I checked this morning and am able to see the packages, however I am unable to download and install them. It looks like the package manager server is not responding. I emailed technical support but no response. It looks like Bitwig is experiencing some major back-end server issues.


answered Jul 06 '18 at 16:13 by k_l_marshall (42)

I also just checked and was able to download and installed just the essentials collection. After that I received a failure message stating that the packs server failed to respond. I guess there are still server issues.


answered Jul 06 '18 at 19:51 by trhoffendjr (11)

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