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When I try to put audio clips side by side on the same track in arranger timeline view, an irritating "click"---like a microphone being turned on---gets added between them. Consolidating them together doesn't remove it. Putting in a cross-fade removes it, but inserts an unwanted pause. Is there a simple way to prevent or get rid of the noise?

I think this depends on the content of your clips. Are the events inside the clip starting and ending at zero crossings? Regardless, there is a way to quickly apply a 4% (of one 16th note) auto-fade to the start and end of every clip. This super short fade out > fade in is imperceptible but will prevent pops and clicks from clip events that don’t start and end at zero crossings. Just multi-select a set of clips (in the same track or across multiple tracks), then from the Clip menu choose Auto-Fade.


answered Jul 24 '18 at 20:48 by Baphy (209)

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