asked Jul 25 '18 at 06:13 by ArtyRunner (11)


I I have a stereo audio clip that is playing both left and right in the Left channel and again both left and right in the right channel. It's creating almost an echo sound.

At first I thought maybe you inserted a mono plugin on a stereo track, but that would not create an echo. There are a number of things that could cause this but its hard to say without getting a little more information from you. This sounds like a feedback loop problem. Can you give a bit more detail about what you are doing when this issue arises. I.e, Any plugins on this track? Any modulators? IO routing. Also, try 2 things to see if it persists. 1) Copy audio to a new blank track and see if it is still doubling. 2) same idea but in a new session. Grab the audio file from your session and drop it into a new one and see if that fixes it. If either of these two methods fix the issue then we know its something on that channel.

Usually when I see a problem like this it is caused by either a doubling of the audio coming from both the DAW as well as the direct monitoring from an audio interface, but this would occur during recording, not playback. I have also seen this happen if you send an aux channel back into an audio channel to record. Most DAW's do not know how to set proper delay compensation in such a configuration and the signal will be delayed.


answered Aug 03 '18 at 17:50 by Jeremysfx (132)

I figured it out. It was time stretching, the audio clips are not default setup to be raw input with no sync to them.... It seems silly but I couldn't figure it out until I played with the tempo.


answered Aug 16 '18 at 04:30 by ArtyRunner (11)

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