asked Jul 27 '18 at 00:29 by ArtfulWalnut7 (11)

i have recently picked up a Nektar Impact GX49 keyboard and after i got the keyboard, i plugged it in and then went on to Bitwig. i have tried getting sound out of my keyboard for the last few days and i still cant hear it. i have detected the keyboard and i have also added the keyboard instead of detecting it. ( i have tried both and i still cant get sound out of it. ) does any one know what im doing wrong? ( im very new to Bitwig and know almost nothing ).

Have you armed the track ( red record icon ) yet?


answered Jul 28 '18 at 01:13 by mikobuntu (21)

Did the rec. arm do the trick? If not check the following: Make sure you have your midi controller selected on the instrument track input you are trying to play.

Do the meters show anything when you play?


answered Aug 03 '18 at 18:16 by Jeremysfx (97)

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