asked Aug 01 '18 at 17:39 by Senescence (21)

I have a problem with Soundtoys Little Plate, it works in all other Daws but Bitwig, what Can I do?

What's the problem exactly? Works perfectly for me on 2 Windows 10 installations.


answered Aug 03 '18 at 09:29 by Cyler (336)

You need to provide more information. What goes wrong when you try to load the plug-in? what OS are you on? what version of Bitwig are you using? does it appear in the list when you're scanning for errors found in plugins?

I'm using Little Plate on Bitwig 2.3.5 on windows 10, and it all runs smoothly on my end.


answered Aug 03 '18 at 15:54 by SaturnAudio (11)

I'm not seeing Little Plate either. Just installed it. Shows up in Reaper. Can't locate in Bitwig. Did you ever figure it out?


answered Feb 21 at 07:02 by dozicusmaximus (11)

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