asked Aug 06 '18 at 04:10 by hegeldas (21)

Hello dave roassum from the old emu brand, introduce in his assimil8tor the cross modulation between sample, i don't exactly understand wath is the operation between those samples, but a modulated result of the two sample in some exotic way.

Is it possible to do cross modulation between two sampler in bitwig already ?

Anyone could help me to reproduce the technic in bitwig, or if something misses, bitwig crew, could you see if it could be a new modulator type or a specific function in the sampler to add...

Thanks for your soft, love the beta 2.4

I think what you mean here is phase modulation between two samples. This would definitely be a cool feature!


answered Aug 16 '18 at 20:22 by blushresponse (11)

You can create an instrument layer and mute one of the chains and then use an audio rate mod to receive modulation for another sampler.

But yeah, was surprised that the New Sampler doesn't allow modulation between zones or samples..unless im missing it.


answered Sep 03 '18 at 17:38 by ratsnake (211)

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