asked Aug 13 '18 at 16:46 by monkeyspace (41)

I'm considering buying a Hanspree 21 inch touchscreen and would just like to know if anyone uses this particular model with Bitwig or another similar, and how well does it work? Am I ok just to purchase a touchscreen for my laptop and use it that way?

I'd say so...

I don't know what the resolution is like or how many points of multi-touch that device has, but without doing some research on it, I'd say just consider the accuracy of the touch functionality and the size of your screen as many places you want to touch may be small and not so functional if you can't get the right accuracy. 21 should be plenty. I've tried it on a 47 and 55" digital signage screen with 6 point IR multi-touch and even that was pretty decent. Certainly enough to get the creative juices flowing.

Just remember, multi-touch ONLY works in Windows 7 and above.

If you're curious how the functionality actually works - Bitwig Multi-touch Demo


answered Aug 14 '18 at 04:08 by Veiss (97)

edited Aug 14 '18 at 04:11

Thanks. This particular touchscreen is 10 times multitouch, but it is a budget model at the end of the day. I think I can afford to try it along with a few ableton controllers to see how it works. I'll be back to let anybody else know how it went. Thanks again.


answered Aug 14 '18 at 08:17 by monkeyspace (41)

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