asked Aug 25 '18 at 00:14 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

Hi...if i work fast i have a litte problem with the Track Arranger, where the Notes inside (piano roll editing).


  • Choose Clip with double Click to open in Arranger, paint some Chords.
  • Click Instrument Track to choose the Plugin, open the Browser to switch some Presets, while Looping the Clip.
  • Click okay, open then the Clip again and, BÄM* where are my Notes?

I was not moving the clip or the notes, but the position is a empty place

Now i need to adjust the "time-line" and the "Note-Range" to have a better overview :(

My Clips are mostly not longer than 8 bars, so i want to have a fixed preview, where i can see: 1. all notes with a bit space around 2. all notes in the middle of the arranger

What i want: alt text

What i get when choose same clip again: alt text

having a lot of trouble with that as well. although they made made this system... that it depends on where u press on your clip.. so it shows you the right horizontal position of the range you are pressing it... but keeps forgetting the height.


answered Aug 25 '18 at 09:04 by Svenrgy (189)

also depends on the lengt of the clip i guess.. anyway... after a view attempts it remembers the height :) weird


answered Aug 25 '18 at 09:08 by Svenrgy (189)

It just need more clicks here or there to fix that. Either scrolling or click on Clip/ Track on the left side to have the clip full filled in the arranger, but never the view i want. annoying...

Is there a remember function inside? I get never what i want...

Hope on the next update/ upgrade

Lets see and wait...


answered Aug 27 '18 at 10:50 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

Now in 2.5 it remeber the Clip Lenght but not the Note-Range. If i jump around to some Midi Clips it dont show me note range

  — (Mar 18 '19 at 13:42) BlackHoleNFO

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