asked Aug 28 '18 at 10:17 by Min (21)

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Hello I am using Bitwig on Linux (LinuxMint 19).

I have seen in some forums that Bitwig's sampler (2.4 beta) can finally read the SFZ samples.

I gladly purchased the upgrade plan and installed the 2.4 beta version. By the way, when I load the SFZ samples from the sampler, some of the samples are working properly while others are not.

For example:

  1. Perfectly Works - VSCE Orchestra Sample
  2. Some samples do not work - Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, Digital Sound Factory's SFZ sample
  3. No response - Salamander Grand Piano & Drumkit

Why does this difference occur?

It would be nice if Bitwig's sampler would 'properly' support the SFZ samples.

I have not had any luck with the Bitwig Sampler to read any SFZ files. Sure would be nice! The browser shows them as valid multisample files, but nothing happens when I try to load them. Hopefully this feature will come soon.


answered Dec 03 '18 at 20:15 by bbarker3 (286)

I have the exact same problem. I'm running Ubuntu and tried to load sfz files using bitwig 2.5 beta 2 as multisamples.

They show up in the browser but nothing happens when I try to load them.

Does anyone know if the Bitwig team is working on this?


answered Dec 31 '18 at 16:10 by qeshi (11)

Hi, looks to me that 2.5beta2 can load SFZ files in sampler, at least for VSCO SFZ library, actually the only one I try up to now. Just give some seconds after you load a file. Also looks at correct mapping because they do not run along the whole keyboard. For your info, I'm running on Ubuntustudio 18.10 with jack on Behringer XR18 48kHz. Yeah, a lot of unuseful info, I know... :-D Best regards, Fabrizio


answered Jan 06 at 02:55 by fsciarra62 (719)

edited Jan 06 at 03:00

Trying it on my SFZ Multisamples from my "Samples from Mars" - still not working.


answered Jan 06 at 03:54 by bbarker3 (286)

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