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Probably a better way of doing this but was expecting that muting a track containing a clip that is sending midi data to another track would stop midi being sent. Would be cool if it worked this way!

*you can add a Note Receiver on the track and use Mute Input to stop the midi flow to the other track but it doesn't look as easy on the eye since the track itself is unmuted. Would be cool to link UI buttons to others -so if you click track mute, it would also activate some other button but that is probably a recipe for a calamity. Of course can link both buttons to a midi controller or key to get that effect but not exactly what I was looking for from the start.

Very nice that you can add automation modulator to the Mute Input button though!

+1 Really odd that we can't mute midi from the mixer.


answered Sep 01 '18 at 13:55 by stamp (186)

same goes for the drum container instrument - mutes don't mute the notes for external devices for example


answered Sep 01 '18 at 22:36 by ratsnake (201)

+1 need Midi Mute and Solo here for my external gear, not only per track, but also Solo per Clip (Mute is there in the Inspector panel but Solo is missing)

If Bitwig does not want this as the default behavior for some reason, then please put this into the Settings: "Mute/Solo: Apply to Midi tracks as well".


answered Nov 22 '19 at 07:42 by mindanao (72)

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